Analogue Music Photography - The Portraits

When living in the UK, my favourite hobby was analogue music photography. Having pretty much all of my friends playing in bands was so ideal. I was working non stop, spending fortunes on films, cameras, scanners and equipment. It didn't matter. I was fulfilled and also eager to do more and especially, to learn more, being a self taught amateur photographer, I had to learn it all from scratch and by myself.
It was a great time, it was exciting to see my photos appearing on magazines such as the NME, Dazed and Confused, on the BBC (which I did a few collaborations with).

But I was also very naive, dreaming of becoming a full time analogue music photographer in a very saturated world of digital photographers, was a bit like running against a gigantic wall. It is real hard work, time consuming and expensive. And moving to Spain, was basically the final straw, the flame has died a little, the music scene is nowhere near the same and the lack of time being a big issue.

These are just a few of these photos I found on my drive, I have a few more hundreds sheets to scan as I lost a lot of my work that was on my old laptop. Reminds me I should back up my mac pronto!

You can find more photos on my flickr.



Greatest Wolf


The Petebox

Ed Lamps

Pilgrim Fathers