Analogue Music Photography - Live

Morning folks, a few weeks ago I shared with you some analogue music photos of bands, remember?
This is the second part, live shows.
Taking photos of gigs used to be my favourite thing a few years ago, now I quite enjoy just taking it all in and not have to worry about using the right aperture, or wondering if I winded up my film or if the flash is too strong and I'm blinding everyone. I'd rather watch the gig and be there, enjoying it, feeling it.
I probably wouldn't have cried so much watching Slowdive if I had to shoot the gig!

I love to develop films myself, be a bit messy and rough with it, I am not too precious about it. I like to give it some character, to give it a bit of life. Some would call this a sacrilege, but to me, it's what makes it unique and interesting.
B&W Legacy Pro was my ultimate film, unfortunately it got discontinued and I haven't found an equivalent apart from Kodak T-Max 400, but it isn't the same.
I haven't been too fond of coloured film for live show, it doesn't quite capture it as well as black and white which gives it a mysterious aura in my opinion.


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