Catching planes and finding the world's end.

A few days ago we took Baku with us and went on a random adventure just outside Barcelona at the delta de Llobregat.

This is where the planes arrive for landing at Barcelona Airport and you can find a seat to observe them as they fly what feels like just feet above your head. This is breathtaking, scary but also exciting. After getting filled with these strange sensations we carried on a little path towards the natural reserve of the delta. It was a nice but long and monotonous walk along a bamboo lined dirt track until we reached a little bridge over a river filled with turtles. Baku didn't care much for them so we continued until we arrived to a bird's observatory called El Mirador.

What a place, no other humans in sight, no cars, no planes and just the sea in front us with a few birds. I love these kinds of atmospheres, feeling like we are the last humans standing in this world. From our little Mirador we saw a derelict building that once was a police barracks abandoned after the end of the Spanish dictatorship. We went in, looked around and got transported to another era frozen in time. It was incredible to see the nature taking ownership of the place but the ghosts of the past keeping it in check.

After a walk around we left and headed back to the car with its incessant landing planes.

Photos by Camille Fleur and GKOKO. All rights reserved.