A nostalgic taste of home - Part 2

Morning amigos!

As promised, here is the second part of our adventures to the Delta de l'Ebre.
After stopping a few times to look at the bulls and the flamingos we eventually arrived at Poblenou del Delta de l'Ebre. And it just looks like Beauduc, a wild surfer's beach in Carmargue that was once a free spirited place where people would built up cabins in the dunes and live there during "les beaux jours". As a kid, I used to go there with my auntie and her friends and their adorable green 2CV and camp there, make a fire and sleep in an A frame tent. I have some beautiful childhood memories of this place and discovering this beach made me feel so nostalgic and happy.

When we arrived to this strip of land we were stunned by the natural beauty in front of us. One side of the strip was the Mediterranean sea, on the other side was the salted pond where mirages happen and people would walk on the water, or so we thought for a moment!

The dogs were having the time of their lives, even Came who hates water! Borja did a beautiful post about these two by the way. They were so fun to play with, we could have stayed there for hours!

After a while playing in the shallow water, we went back to the car with the wet doggies and drove to the end of the strip, getting narrower and narrower. At the end we could see the salt factory, and on the other side of the pond, quite far away was some almost invisible mountains.

Pylons growing in the sea, a bottle without a message and a very dirty dress from wet dogs, sand and salt.
We where exhausted, had a little nap on the sand, and decided we would have to come back, longer this time. This place is magic.

Photos by Camille Fleur and GKOKO. All rights reserved.