A Baby Wishlist

As I am working on our Baby registry, I have realized that most of what is offered in general is really not my taste. I went to visit a few specialized shops in Barcelona and find everything very tacky and way too gender oriented.
Pink alert! Pink everywhere! Yuk! Also, I find that they are using a lot of ugly illustrations or wording which make me cringe.
What I love are neutral colours aaaand mustard, go figure!
It also makes me realize that I have got expensive taste! Oops! The type of shops I love in Barcelona are Tiny Cottons and Sugar Freaks (they sell brands like Bobo Choses, Mini Rodini et all...), but you really need to go during the sales otherwise it's way too pricey.
Although, with the online sales and the magic of internet I have found "mon bonheur" and I have added a few of the jewels that are now on my baby registry.

I also love the idea of using a Mini Kanken bag as a diaper bag like blogger Chloe Fleury! Genius idea!