Wandering around Cosmo Caixa

Last summer, out of boredom and to avoid for a few hours the unbearable Spanish heat, we decided to explore the Cosmo Caixa, a very unique science museum. We didn't really know what to expect but we had the bestest of times, exploring and experimenting with all the installations there. It's an incredible interactive space where you can learn how ice forms, how tornadoes starts or how static electricity turns your energy into a lightning.
I've never been really good at sciences or physics at school. I was never bothered and I would never really understand with technical words how things work. I need images, visuals and interactions. This place was full of kids and grown ups, but everyone looked like they were 10.  It was great and we would have stayed for days if we wouldn't have been kicked out at closing time.
I definitely recommend it, worth a detour if you're visiting Barcelona.
The entry is 4€ but if you have a Caixa card it's free.

Photos by Camille Fleur and GKOKO. All rights reserved.