The Wishlist

Ok, I started a wishlist before Christmas last year to perhaps give some hints to my better half! It worked, I had a waffle maker, because if you follow me on Pinterest you will know I am obsessed with waffles. No kidding. I'll blame it on Leslie Knope.

Anyway. I kept on adding things (furniture, clothes, objects, etc...) of adoration into this wishlist. It wasn't just a random list of meaningless desires, but more something to help me focus on things I truly want instead of just buying random stuffs. Desire desire... It was a catalysis to lesser my consumption in things and to buy more cautiously.

It worked. I have bought so much less crap this year, and I am investing in more durable pieces that fit better to my lifestyle.

When we went to Copenhagen, I knew what I wanted to get from there, just a few things, you know, from the land of furniture design et all.

Below are a few things I bought this year, and to be honest that's pretty much all I have purchased and I am quite proud of it. Less is more.